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What is InsurancE sales secrets?

Insurance Sales Secrets will teach you the four key foundations that will set your agency up to win.

We call it the H.E.R.O. Principle

From attracting, hiring, and training the best of the best and fostering a world-class agency environment to running a seamless operation and maximizing revenue, this book is your roadmap to massive agency success. 


"Thank you for everything ASA has done for us. Since attending the last event we have reinvented our agency. I’ve hired a “closer” for sales and another service agent. We’re still on the hunt for more sales staff! I can feel we’re on the cusp of great things!!”

Randall Bogani
Agency Owner

Harley Alloway
Agency Owner

"The conference was dynamite! My folks are committed to blowing up their prior sales goals this year. They understand now what is possible and they know that I expect BIG TIME results from each of them. Thank you!”

ABOUT THE Authors of Insurance sales secrets

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*Insurance Sales Secrets retails for $29.95, but we're giving it to you for only $14.99! And best of all, shipping / handling is free! Your information is secure and will not be shared.

*Insurance Sales Secrets retails for $29.95, but we're giving it to you for only $14.99! And best of all, shipping / handling is free! Your information is secure and will not be shared. 

NORMALLY $29.99 ONLY $14.99 SAVE 50%

“You guys have inspired me, and I may now double my staff in the next couple of weeks so that we can grow our $7.5M book of business.” - Mark Hanna

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Insurance Sales Secrets

*Insurance Sales Secrets retails for $29.95, but we're giving it to you for only $14.99! And best of all, shipping / handling is free! Your information is secure and will not be shared. 

"we are committed to providing practical and tactical coaching, training, tools, and mentoring designed to ACCELERATE your agency’s growth RIGHT NOW!"


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“Shout out to Agency Sales Academy! We are at 102 items so far this month, with $60,190 in premium, and eight phone interviews scheduled next week in the search for our next two sales superstars!”

- Karen Ross Miller

“So many other programs and presenters are full of hot air. It’s invigorating to know that there are others out there like us who are working their very hardest to be the very best. Thank you, ASA!””

- Laure Feld

“This March was the best month my agency has had in 21 years. We issued 350 items. As my newer sales folks learn what you teach at ASA, I believe we will be a 500 to 600 item-per-month agency by June...”

- John Rose

Introducing Insurance Sales Secrets - The four key foundations that will set up your agency to win

What other agency owners are saying...

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Over 300 pages teaching you the key foundations that will set up your agency to win!

Inside Of This Book, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Given... 


      Make Great First Impressions - pg. 55

      Enter the Proving Grounds - pg. 73

      Learn the One Rule for Firing Staff - pg. 87


      Uncover the Agency Game Changer - pg. 95

      Expect to Win - pg. 125

      Rechannel Your Energy - pg. 141


      Distinguish Frantic Activity from Action - pg. 167

      Harness the Power of Annual Reviews - pg. 191

      Respect the Other Retention Rate - pg. 211


      Foster a Culture of Sales Excellence - pg. 227

      Develop a Culture of Communication - pg. 245

      Emphasize Ownership and Accountability - pg. 275


Make Great First Impressions 
pg. 55

Enter the Proving Grounds 
pg. 73

Learn the One Rule for Firing Staff 
pg. 87


Uncover the Agency Game Changer
pg. 95

Expect to Win
pg. 125

Rechannel Your Energy
pg. 141


Distinguish Frantic Activity from Action
pg. 167

Harness the Power of Annual Reviews
pg. 191

Respect the Other Retention Rate
pg. 211


Foster a Culture of Sales Excellence
pg. 227

Develop a Culture of Communication
pg. 245

Emphasize Ownership and Accountability
pg. 275

We contribute a lot of our success this year to the ASA team and the education, strategies, philosophies, and core values provided on your platform.

In the last 12 months we have seen incredible growth, growing from 1 Established agency with 5 LSPs and opening a 2nd ECP agency last December 2018, and grew our staff to over 30 LSPs by July 2019. Our revenues are up over 400% year over year, which far surpassed our 2019 goals.

We are excited about 2020, and want to thank you for all you and ASA do to make us better each and everyday!! 

- Derrek Anduiza 

One of my LSP’s started training with ASA yesterday and CLOSED a policy from what she had picked up! THANK YOU 

- Joseph Teuton

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This Isn't One Of Them. 

There's NO hidden "continuity program" - and in case you're wondering why we're doing this...

1. It's our way of saying thank you for being a dedicated agency owner.

2. We're certain that after reading Insurance Sales Secrets, you'll be excited to learn more about how  Agency Sales Academy can accelerate your agency.

3. We are dedicated to being the preeminent sales training professionals for insurance agencies
across America. From hiring star performers to new agent on-boarding to overcoming the toughest objections, we will help your agency experience accelerated growth.

ABOUT THE Authors of 
Insurance sales secrets

Jay Adkins

Agency Sales Academy

Jay Adkins is a mentor, speaker, author, and the proud Owner and Founder of ProVest Insurance Group. With six insurance agencies in three regions of the United States, he's led a bright and continuously evolving career over the last 20 years.
He performs a variety of consulting services for diverse industry clients including mergers, acquisition of insurance agencies, and structuring and negotiation. Jay also consults individual agency owners on effective agency operations.

More than inspiring, he is passionate about training, coaching, and serving people. He’s made it his life’s goal to make a great impact on the lives of every person he meets. Excellence is in every part of his life, and he feels a sense of responsibility to help others realize the excellence they want to see in theirs.  

When Jay is not busy running his operation, or helping others improve theirs, he can be found sailing the shimmering waters of Miami with his wife and three children.

Greg Gray

Agency Sales Academy

Greg Gray is nationally renowned as an expert in the fields of customer experience, leadership, and relationship building. Over the last 18 years, he has become one of the most sought after seminar leaders and consultants in the insurance industry having presented to thousands of agency owners and staff in more than 100 cities in 42 states across the nation. Greg’s reputation for his unique blend of humor and practical strategies on sales, service, and leadership continue to earn him rave reviews from coast to coast.