Jay Adkins

Co-Founder & Coach

Jay Adkins is a mentor, speaker, author, and the proud Owner and Founder of ProVest Insurance Group. With six insurance agencies in three regions of the United States, he’s led a bright and continuously evolving career over the last 20 years.

He performs a variety of consulting services for diverse industry clients including mergers, acquisition of insurance agencies, and structuring and negotiation. Jay also consults individual agency owners on effective agency operations.

More than inspiring, he is passionate about training, coaching, and serving people. He’s made it his life’s goal to make a great impact on the lives of every person he meets. Excellence is in every part of his life, and he feels a sense of responsibility to help others realize the excellence they want to see in theirs.

When Jay is not busy running his operation, or helping others improve theirs, he can be found sailing the shimmering waters of Miami with his wife and three children.

Greg Gray

Co-Founder & Coach

Greg Gray is nationally renowned as an expert in the fields of customer experience, leadership, and relationship building. Over the last 18 years, he has become one of the most sought after seminar leaders and consultants in the insurance industry having presented to thousands of agency owners and staff in more than 100 cities in 42 states across the nation. Greg’s reputation for his unique blend of humor and practical strategies on sales, service, and leadership continue to earn him rave reviews from coast to coast.

Brooke Barron

Chief Training & Sales Officer

Brooke Barron has spent more than 10 years in the insurance industry becoming an expert in her field by holding positions as an Agent, Retention Specialist, Sales Manager and at present, Chief Training and Sales Officer for the ProVest Insurance organization.  As an associate agent, Brooke was one of the highest producers and most consistent performers  in the agency’s 20 year history. Brooke has now translated that success into her passion for training and developing the team at Provest and she brings that same level of expertise, credibility, and enthusiasm to her coaching role at ASA.

Amanda strader

VP of Agency Group Operations & Coach

Amanda Strader is the VP of Agency Group Operations for ProVest Insurance Group and has been with the organization since 2003. In her 18 year tenure with Provest, Amanda has mastered every aspect of agency operations from Sales to Service to Hiring to Payroll. The width, depth, and breadth of her experience allows Amanda’s method of coaching to bring a practical and tactical approach for the most efficient and effective strategies there are for gaining new clients, serving and retaining existing clients, and managing the agency team as well.

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